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Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard Kit


Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard Kit

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Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard Kit is now available and Closer to you in Nairobi CBD at PengTech Solutions your Shoppers place for Genuine and Quality products for your work, school or home use.

Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard Kit descriptions

1.push the power switch to the end marked with the bluetooth logo (when the light was long red)

2.press and hold the left and right mouse buttons and the middle scroll wheel at the same time for 5 seconds (when the light can be seen to blue and it will slowly flash)

3. Find the bluetooth on his team and paired with it Keyboard (rechargeable): Charge once can be used for 30 days and standby for 120 days.

1. bluetooth 3.0 standard interface

2.effective operating distance: within 10 meters

3. modulation method: gfsk

4.working voltage: 3.0-4.2v

5.working current: <2. 5ma

6. standby current: <0.3ma

7.charging current:> 200ma 8. standby time:> 100 days 9. charging time: 3-4 hours 10.lithium battery capacity: 200ma 11. sustainable working time: 100 hours 12. button force: 80 + -10g 13. Key life: 5 million clicks 14. working temperature: -10- + 55 degrees Mouse (using battery):

1. aa battery.

2. bluetooth

3.0 standard interface 3.effective operating distance: within 10 meters 4. modulation method: gfsk 5. 3 dpi adjustment


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