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Universal Foam Cleaning Agent


Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

  • Cleaning
  • Deodirizing
  • Environment protective
  • Remove dirt & Odor
  • 650ml
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Universal Foam Cleaning Agent for your computing maintenance is now Available and closer to you in Nairobi at PengTech Solutions your Shoppers place for Genuine and Quality products for your work, school or home use.



  • The product is mainly made of natural surface active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property and powerful dirt removing performance.
  • Apply advanced technology, contains non-toxic and anti-microbial.
  •  Free of phosphor and harmful organic solvent to remove animal and plant oil, lubricant etc.
  • It is also applicable for water scald, bitumen, ink and carbon powder.
  • Plenty of foam, high adhesion, convenient for washing.
  •  It generates elegant fragrance after using.



  • Surface of oil extruder, ventilator, metals and plastic.
  • Various office equipments including computer, copy machine and printer.
  • Interior and exterior surface of car, plane, ships and industry machines.
  • Furniture, floor, walls and ceramic products.



  • Swing the bottle and vertically spray onto the desired surface 20cm away.
  • Gently wipe the surface with the brush or other clean soft fabric 1 minute later.
  • Keep it onto serious dirt for a longer time or clean with brush.



  • The product is packaged with pressure, please do not knock, damage, burn.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Store under 50 Celsius Degree ( 122 Fahrenheit Degree ) shade and dry environment to avoid intensive sunlight.


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